With Leather’s Watch This: Someone Recorded An Entire MMA Fight On Google Glass

12.19.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

Google Glass fight

From Italy comes this MMA fight between Daniele Scatizzi and Enrico Romano at the MMA ImperaFC 2 event in Rome last Saturday. Why is it notable? Because it was presumably the first fight ever recorded with the Google Glass technology that, until this point, has been used for checking out women with large breasts on subway trains. Is this a technology that the UFC could soon utilize in its own matches, perhaps just the online preliminaries to start? God, I hope not, because it makes me f*cking dizzy.

(H/T to Cage Potato, which beat me to the punch on the haircuts in this video.)

NBA: Bulls at Thunder – 8 PM ET on TNT
NBA: Spurs at Warriors – 10:30 PM ET on TNT

Okay, Chicago Bulls. I’m feeling generous today, so if you’re still looking to add a competent guard to your roster to remain competitive, I’ll not only give you Jameer Nelson for the low, low price of a first round draft pick, but I’m willing to throw in Glen Davis now, too. I know, I must be losing my mind, but I’m not done yet! I’ll even take Luol Deng’s contract in return. The clock’s ticking, Bulls. Don’t lose out on this incredible offer.

NCAA Basketball: Iona at Dayton – 7 PM ET on NBC Sports
NCAA Basketball: Duke vs. UCLA – 7:30 PM ET on ESPN

I guess I’ll watch Jabari Parker play and dream about the Magic landing him in the lottery next year. You don’t have to twist my arm.

Women’s Volleyball: Wisconsin vs. Texas – 7:30 PM ET on ESPN2
Women’s Volleyball: Penn State vs. Washington – 9:30 PM ET on ESPN 2

Nevermind. I’ll be on full lockdown watching the women’s volleyball tournament. Hold all calls.

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