With Leather's Watch This: The World Series Is A Lot More Exciting En Espanol

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Red Sox win

I don’t like to be one of those guys who pours it on poor, old Tim McCarver too much for his interesting analysis during the Major League Baseball playoffs and especially the World Series. But the dude’s been meandering well beyond the ordinary during this World Series, as he keeps cutting off Joe Buck in the middle of analytical diatribes that contain actual facts and insight about what is happening right at that moment, with my favorite thus far being, “Joe, if I might – That ball was hit from one Hawaiian to another,” referring to a ball hit by Kolton Wong to Shane Victorino. Sure, it’s unintentionally funny, but it’s bordering on sad.

That said, the folks at Bar Stool have a solution – just watch the game en Espanol! Check out this video clip of the Spanish announcers calling the final out of the game, as Wong reminded everyone that he’s a rookie, when he was picked off at first.

World Series Game 5: Red Sox at Cardinals – 7:30 PM ET on Fox

Since I’m a Cardinals fan, a lot of people have asked me since Sunday night what I thought about the obstruction call that ended the game and gave the victory to the Cardinals, and my answer to them and everyone else now is HEY, LOOK AT THESE GIFS OF OLIVIA WILDE STRIPPING!

Olivia Stripper 1

Olivia Stripper 2

Excellent cop out, Burns.

WWE Monday Night Raw – 8 PM ET on USA

Tonight’s Raw is live from Orlando’s Amway Center, and I’m supposed to get emails from the Orlando Magic to let me know about these kinds of arena events months in advance. Naturally, the Magic probably tried to pass the information to me and it was stolen and taken back for a two-handed dunk.

NHL: Canadiens at Rangers – 7:30 PM ET on NBC Sports

Boring. Next.

Monday Night Football: Seahawks at Rams – 8 PM ET on ESPN

This game is going to be hilariously ugly. Seahawks by 70.

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