LEBRED ALERT: LeBron Endorses Izzo

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06.14.10 2 Comments

While Dwayne Wade has apparently fortified his relationship with the Miami Heat by actively recruiting other superstars to come join him in South Florida, LeBron James continues his one-man mystery show. Refusing to tip his cards, LeBron remains shrouded in secrecy as to his free agency fate, but it appears that “sources” close to the guy who refers to himself as basketball royalty are saying that he approves of the Cleveland Cavaliers attempting to hire Michigan State coach Tom Izzo. He approves. That’s it. No, “I’ll play for him.” Just a passing nod, apparently.

Izzo texted the Associated Press that he is still gathering information, which could possibly mean that he’s waiting to find out what LeBron’s destiny is. Izzo is believed to be waiting out this NBA dead time, with absolutely nothing else going on, until free agency begins to make his decision based on LeBron’s decision. Meanwhile, Mo Williams and Daniel Gibson just want someone to love them.

Pass this note to the doable chubby chick with braces for me, Detroit Free Press:

While no one knows what James will do, a Cleveland newspaper reports that James has endorsed Izzo. The Plain Dealer reports that “sources have indicated James approves of the highly-respected Izzo” and that “James ‘100 percent’ would endorse Izzo’s hiring.”

It’s not known if Izzo has contacted James personally – perhaps that’s the “gathering” Izzo still needs to do.

The Cavs have made Izzo an offer of 5-years, $30 million to replace Mike Brown, who won back-to-back 60-win seasons before being fired, but Izzo has also previously said that he would like to win at least one more NCAA championship at Michigan State before giving the NBA a chance. However, Izzo has been trying to get in touch with LeBron via phone, but apparently to no avail. He should try texting or Tweeting, seems to be the only way to communicate these days.

Meanwhile, David Geffen held his pointer finger and thumb to his face and said, “You need to talk to LeBron? I got him right here. What’s that Bron-Bron? You want a mansion on the moon? Done! You want a toilet made of unobtainium? Done! You want to me to resurrect Jimmy Dean to make you breakfast for the next 30 years? Done, double done and triple done! Suck on that, Donald Sterling!”

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