LeBron Comes Out of the Closet

07.16.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

Yep, you read that right my friend, LeBron James is officially out of the closet, and man is he crazy for some wiener. According to James, his love of dong was the biggest reason for his choice to sign with Miami, leaving behind that hot piece of man meat Delonte West. His mom is an alleged fan of the burning bush. Now Big Z coming to Miami makes complete sense.

Not to mention that Miami is one of the gayest places on earth. There’s a whole episode of Archer based on that fact. And if stereotypes perpetuated by cartoons aren’t true, then what kind of country do we live in? Certainly not the one in which I was raised. The official confession and Archer episode come after the jump. Both have NSFW language. Thanks to David for the tip.

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