LeBron James Failure Of The Day: Gerald Henderson Has +1 In Accidental Defense

Pro Wrestling Editor

At the risk of turning something like this into a string of awful puns, I’ll let The Hoop Scene handle the intro:

Gerald Henderson shows us that basketball is more than just physical ability. Sometimes, you have to use your head too. He probably learned that at Duke.

And if you look closely at the dunk, LeBron traveled. I think that’s all of the jokes.

But no, I can’t decide whether to feel sorry for Henderson getting monster-jammed in the dome or feel sorry for the Heat for getting such a bullsh*t call. Charlotte should just start drafting the tallest dudes imaginable and have them rush up and put their heads in the net when somebody shoots. Looks like it’s time for Gheorghe Muresan to come staggering out of retirement.

Eh, don’t feel sorry for the Heat. They immediately follow up any dorky sadnesses with amazing plays like this:

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