LeBron James Flagrantly Fouled Roy Hibbert With MASTERFUL KUNG-FU, Says LeBron James

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03.27.14 10 Comments

LeBron Roy Hibbert flagrant kung fu

In case you missed it, LeBron James is in the hottest water LeBron James is allowed to be in (read: lukewarm water) for a flagrant foul on Roy Hibbert during Wednesday night’s Heat/Pacers game. They met in front of the basket in mid-air and LeBron’s elbow caught Hibbert in the jaw. Or the brain, depending on how melodramatic you are.

Here’s the play as it happened:

LeBron’s explanation for the foul is the best part. Via Sun-Sentinel.com:

Of two reviews going against him and then his foul being ruled flagrant, James said, “Of course I’m surprised, but it is what it is. They ref the game and we play it.”

“Me and Blake Griffin, we take some hard hits. They call it how they want to call it.”

He said he doesn’t expect further sanction.

“If I can jump up in the air and elbow someone in the face and finish a play, I must be a kung-fu master,” he said.

We rag on LeBron a lot at With Leather about everything from his bad McDonald’s commercials, his Batman masks and his love of WWE replica titles, but if he gets good enough to take out his enemies and score effectively simultaneously he will be unstoppable. Like some perfectly-played game of Arch Rivals.

Alternately, Roy Hibbert needs to learn Eagle Claw.

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