LeBron James Is Confused, Confusing, May Love Jerry Lynn

This strikes me as a pretty appropriate With Leather story to come out of WrestleMania weekend.

Sweaterpunch alerts us to the fact that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade met up with Rey Mysterio over the weekend. Ignoring for a moment the completely stilted and uncomfortable exchange between the three men, the visual hilarity of Rey Rey getting a picture taken with these two massive basketball players, and Mysterio’s weird piece-of-gristle-caught-in-a-garbage-disposal voice that no one ever seems to know how to react to, LeBron is wearing a very interesting Nike shirt.

See for yourself:

Yep, LeBron is wearing a shirt reading “Lynnsanity,” which — beyond basically advertising that King James is pretty confused most of the time — confirms that at least one person thought that this “Jeremy Lin” cat was actually also-ran and/or never-was wrestler Jerry Lynn, who was famous for having a good match with RVD in the original ECW once and then somehow tricking people into making him the champion of their indie promotion and having otherwise-reasonable people chant “you’ve still got it” after a three-quarter speed pinfall reversal sequence.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: what the hell is wrong with LeBron James?