LeBron James is the Best Dunker at this Kids Basketball Camp

07.01.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

This video uploaded yesterday to YouTube features LeBron James showing up at a kids basketball camp to speak and play a few harmless games of “Knockout”, and it is everything you’d expect from him. The description:

lebron showed up to a basketball camp and after speaking to the kids, he played a few games of knockout. The kid in front of him missed and lebron missed right after him. lebron’s brick bounced far to the right corner and the kid went to go make his lay up. In an effort to not get eliminated, lebron came charging back and went to dunk as the kid was shooting a layup and dunked on him knocking him over!

But it goes so much deeper than that. My favorite part is either the kid yelling KNOCK DOWNNN before LeBron misses his second shot, or how two of the three children in front of LeBron sink threes before his first brick. Watching the greatest player in basketball (and possibly the history of basketball, depending on who you ask) almost get eliminated twice from a kids game by babies and having to dunk to hang with them really puts the whole Dallas Mavericks thing into perspective, doesn’t it?

I’m going to keep searching for “LeBron James baby games” on YouTube, and hopefully I’ll find that clip of him flopping and clutching his arm during Duck Duck Goose.

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