LeBron’s Mom Might Be Humpin’ Around

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05.18.10 8 Comments

There were a variety of factors that could have been used as scapegoats for the Cleveland Cavaliers losing to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Semis, and the sports blog TerezOwens is going for the granddaddy of all excuses – LeBron James was distracted because his mom slept with Delonte West. I knew it had to do with sex, but figured it was just Antawn Jamison screwing the pooch.

Needless to say, the rumor comes at a hectic time for the guy who dubbed himself King James, what with all the pesky Calipari/Bulls rumors and Scores luring him to New York City with a lifetime of steak. And this is one hell of an accusation to drop on someone, especially Delonte West, who had a problem finding the hole all season.

Probe the situation, Examiner.com:

LeBron James has made no secret that his mother Gloria is his rock. She can be found courtside at all of the Cleveland Cavaliers home games, and most of the away games as well.

Fans will see LeBron James give his mother a kiss before heading into the locker room after each game she attends. Gloria James even reportedly lives with LeBron and his family which includes his long time girlfriend Savannah and their two children, LeBron Jr, and Brice Maximus James.

Gloria also tucks LeBron in at night, reads him Berenstain Bears stories and packs his meals in his favorite My Pet Monster lunchbox. LeBron’s lawyers sent TerezOwens a cease and desist email, denying the rumors of an alleged affair. The lawyers claim the rumor is “categorically false” and defamatory, adding, “No thinking person could possibly believe such rubbish,” according to TMZ.com.

Not so fast, Law Firm of Hey, Look & Over There. The story’s far-fetched, sure, but is it really that hard to believe? Tiger Woods is banging porn stars, Ben Roethlisberger has as many rape allegations as he does Super Bowl titles, Alex Rodriguez left his wife for Madonna, Cristiano Ronaldo has huge hooker orgies, and Sammy Sosa turned white. Nothing is too over-the-top for a sports story anymore. Unless it involves the Cubs winning.

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