LED Surfing Looks Awesome, Is A Terrible Idea

Pro Wrestling Editor
02.20.12 4 Comments

This is either the most dangerous way to descend a hill or the coolest Storm Shadow episode of G.I. Joe ever.

By way of Buzzfeed comes fashion photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton’s L.E.D. Surfer, a short film about how the pitch blackness of night and having the brightest possible lights shined in your eyes somehow don’t make snowboarding impossible. Seriously, if I was the L.E.D. Surfer the first twenty seconds of the video would be me going OH GOD OH GOD OH MY GOD and zipping lights-first into the first tree.

Anyway, the result of Sutton’s experiment is undeniably beautiful (thanks in part to haunting piano music that could make going to the bathroom ethereal) and really pretty geeky when you think about it. It’s like you’re watching the X-Games through the eyes of Neo from The Matrix.

I can’t wait for Sutton’s next project, where he puts police sirens on a guy with no legs and sends him down a waterfall to Sigur Rós.

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