Lefty Has To Settle For No. 2

05.31.10 8 years ago

Phil Mickelson has a tendency to either be an incredibly clutch golfer or one of the biggest choke artists in all of sports. He of the hot, cancer-stricken wife had another chance to overtake Tiger Woods and ascend to No. 1 on the PGA Tour’s ranking system. How did he respond? By shooting a 3 over on Friday to miss the cut at the Colonial.

“I played terrible. I don’t know what to say,” Mickelson said. “The course was in great shape, there was no wind and there were a lot of birdies out there, and I just played terrible.” –USAToday

Well, at least he has the balls to admit it. Tiger holds on to his number one spot, which he has had for the past 260 weeks (you did the math right, that’s 5 years), and a total 602 weeks throughout his career. That’s some pretty hardcore domination right there. Domination that Tiger might be into sexually. Oh, wait. Tiger went to rehab, so obviously he won’t be doing anything lascivious ever again.

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