Here’s LeGarrette Blount, Carrying Six Cardinals Defenders Into The End Zone

Entertainment Editor

It’s difficult to ever really know how the New England rushing attack will work on a given week. It is known that Bill Belichick doesn’t care about your fantasy team, nor does he care about his players’ feelings when it comes to touches. We’ve seen many rushers fall out of favor with the Hoodied One by a simple, single fumble. But for now, LeGarrette Blount is making Belichick proud with this beastly run*.

Blount’s who we expect to run the ball in the red zone. He’s a physical rusher who can not only make people miss, but bowl a defender over if need be. This rush, however, is special. When Blount hits the hole, he gets hit almost immediately at the line, then hit again a yard later. When watching live, it looks like he’ll maybe fall forward for a decent gain, but instead, he keeps his legs moving, churning and inching towards the end zone.

Even as the red jerseys pile up on Blount, he continues to push forward until he’s moved over half of the Arizona defense backwards 6 yards and into the promised land. How wonderfully monstrous.

*Blount fumbled a series later. This would be a death knell for some, but Blount is back in, grinding away.

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