Legendary Dolphins QBs Give Back

You know, with the lockout still going strong, we often worry too much about how players are staying in shape and ignore the guys who don’t have to worry about that. Haha no, I’m not talking about kickers. I mean players who are always injured or irrelevant, like Chad Pennington and Daunte Culpepper.

Pennington hosted his annual 1st and 10 Celebrity Bowl event in majestic Huntington, West Virginia over the weekend, and his fellow one-time Miami Dolphins quarterback Daunte Culpepper joined in the cause to “build stronger communities by funding programs and institutions that seek to improve quality of life throughout southern West Virginia and the Tri-State area as well as East Tennessee”, according to the 1st and 10 Club’s mission statement.

This year’s event not only attracted Culpepper but also former Marshall and current Pittsburgh Steelers right guard Doug Legursky, as well as those other guys in that picture up there. Pennington, who also played at Marshall, considered Culpepper a rival in college, as Daunte played at UCF and the two programs were considered by many* to be rivals. Now they’re the two bestest buds in the whole world.

“You gain relationships with guys throughout your career playing football, but he and I became closer because our two 6-year-old sons played on the same flag football team this year,” Culpepper said. “I got to know him a little bit better. It’s just the relationships you gain. That in itself makes you want to help those guys out.” (Herald-Dispatch)

Truly a great story of philanthropy and friendship, and it really makes me realize that we need the NFL to end this f*cking lockout immediately.

*Me and three other people.

(Banner image via the Herald-Dispatch.)