06.10.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

The Arizona Cardinals’ Matt Leinart is really raising the bar for clipboard-holding conditioning by taking up mixed martial arts training, a suggestion handed over from FOX Sports NFL writer/aspiring Subway sandwich artist Jay Glazer, a gentleman who just oozes physical fitness. From the Cardinals’ team page, via KSK:

“I really had no idea what I was getting myself into,” Leinart said with a smile. “But in a good way.”

After the first day, Glazer – who lives in the Valley and trains with the Cardinals at Arizona Combat Sports in Tempe — said he thought Leinart had “no shot” to return for more. When Leinart did come back, Glazer made it even more difficult.

“He was hurting,” Glazer said. “I tried to get him to puke. I tried to get him to quit. But he is not the guy I thought he was. He is a tough dude.”

To reiterate: HE IS NOT WHO WE THOUGHT HE WAS. Sure, Leinart might have MMA training on his side, but Kurt Warner still has Jesus. There’s a reason fighters thank The Lord after they win every fight, and it isn’t because he helps you sculpt your abs.

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