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The former and current faces of Deadspin are guest-hosting The Dan Patrick Show today, I can only assume Dan Patrick is bound and gagged in the back of somebody’s truck while Will Leitch and A.J. Daulerio interview other media types and pimp their poll question.

You can listen here, but be warned. If you’ve ever heard live audio of Leitch, it’s rather painful. The King Of Aw, Shucks sounds like the lovechild of Nathan Lane and Porky Pig, whereas Daulerio seems to be bringing a sort of casual levity to the show in a way that only they can. Here’s their guest roster:

Tim Cowlishaw on Josh Hamilton

Richard Deitsch, SI on bucket list

Dan Patrick from the set of the Sandler movie shoot.

Michael Schur aka Ken Tremendous, maybe?

Possibly, hopefully, others (ahem, WHITLOCK) will be there to bail us out as well. via.

Lock up your daughters. It really is history in the making. But then, I said that after junior prom, and it turns out that was a little overblown. I guess people manage to drive home with a 0.32 BAC all the time.

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