Video Shows Leonard Fournette Being Hit With Beer Can Following Fight With Shaq Lawson

11.28.18 4 months ago

Getty Image

Leonard Fournette has had a rough week. His Jaguars lost to to the Bills on Sunday 24-21 for their seventh loss in a row. He got into fisticuffs with Bills lineman Shaq Lawson following a catch from Jaguars teammate Donte Moncrief. The resulting brawl resulted in not only Fournette being ejected from the game but a one-game suspension.

Fournette also had to deal with the fans in Buffalo following the brawl. It was already cold and Bills fans were riled up by the game itself against a team that eliminated them from the playoffs in the previous year. The fight just merely added more energy to the already electric stadium.

Then one fan took it too far. A video of Fournette walking off the field reveals a beer can being chucked in his direction and making contact with his helmet. Fournette to his credit doesn’t seem to react.

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