Leonard Fournette Attempted To Stiff Arm A Defender Through The Earth

There are a lot of really good running backs in college football. The best may be Leonard Fournette at LSU, a physical freak of nature who is going to make a lot of money in the NFL some day. There are a bunch of reasons why he’s so good, including the fact that he has one of the best stiff arms that you’ll ever see.

That was on display on Saturday during LSU’s game against Mississippi State. Fournette got the ball and ran to the left, where he quickly encountered a Bulldogs defender. Instead of trying to blow by said defender or juke him out of his shoes, Fournette got his arm into a good position and pushed him directly into the ground. It was as nasty as it was powerful, the type of move that will make NFL scouts salivate over the potential that LSU’s stud running back possesses.

When Fournette gets a head of steam, he is almost impossible to take down. Even when he’s not moving too terribly fast, he can do stuff like this and make life hell for a defender. This looks like Fournette is trying to dribble a basketball, but instead of a basketball, it’s some poor soul in a Mississippi State jersey.