Les Miles Wants 25 SEC Teams In The AP Top 25, And That Doesn’t Make Sense

les miles
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It seems like the SEC has been college football’s dominant conference for as long as anyone can remember. With stalwarts like the University of Alabama, LSU and Auburn leading the way, it seems like simply being in the SEC (especially the SEC West, where the above three teams reside) is good enough to give your reputation a boost. There were thoughts of the Pac-12, with Oregon, USC and UCLA leading a crop of good-looking teams, finally taking a run at the crown this year, but after the Week 1 AP poll was released on Tuesday, it’s clear: The king stay the king.

The SEC placed 10 teams in the top 25, a record for a single conference. Alabama (2), Auburn (6), Georgia (10), LSU (14), Texas A&M (16), Ole Miss (17), Arkansas (18), Missouri (21), Tennessee (23), and Mississippi State (25) all made it, thanks to the conference’s 12-1 record across its Week 1 games. LSU head coach Les Miles wasn’t satisfied with the record number, however:

That’s some real SEC math right there. The SEC and its supporters are in some ways a microcosm for America, dripping with exceptionalism and using every shred of confirmation bias to blare about their own dominance (with a PAAAWWWWWL or two thrown in). But with Arizona State losing to Texas A&M, and giving them their spot in the top 25 as a result, there’s no better time to be an SEC fan (*TROLL WARNING* especially since Ohio State’s going to win the national title again *END TROLL*). Go ahead and joke, Les (we hope it’s a joke).

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