Leslie Knope Teams Up With The Indianapolis Colts On This Week’s ‘Parks And Recreation’

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11.19.13 10 Comments

Leslie and the Colts

Despite the fact that she was recalled in last week’s episode of Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope is still focused on doing what’s best for her fellow Pawnee residents in her final 30 days of office. Of course, we all know that something sweet and heartwarming will happen – like Kristen Bell’s Ingrid de Forest returning the favor of kindness – and Leslie will keep her spot on the city council, while something delightfully awful will happen to Councilman Jeremy Jamm. Sure, it’s predictable, but it’s all about how they fill in the gaps between points A and Z.

In this week’s episode teaser for Parks and Rec, Leslie brings us back to Lucas Oil Stadium for a little network synergy, as she teams with the Andrew Luck, Jim Irsay, Reggie Wayne and the Indianapolis Colts for the NFL’s Play 60 campaign.

What I’m most interested in, though, is Donna rejecting Colts linebacker Robert Mathis, because I’m still trying to predict what kind of man she’s eventually going to end up with whenever this wonderful series comes to an end. The easy pick is True Blood and Magic Mike actor Joe Manganiello, because of Retta’s love affair with the hunk on Twitter, but I think the show will aim high when the time comes and try to land someone huge like LeBron James. It would at least explain why she likes to visit Miami.

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