Let Teddy Win (At Hockey)

Pro Wrestling Editor
02.22.12 2 Comments

I almost went with “n/t” for the body of this, but here goes.

Baseball season is upon us (f**king finally), and to celebrate, I wanted to find the perfect video to encapsulate how the arrival of pitchers and catchers to Spring Training and the onset of Our National Pastime makes us feel as a people. What I’ve decided on is this clip (courtesy of Sportress Of Blogitude) of the GEICO Racing Presidents from Nationals Park trying to hurt each other on a hockey rink. Oddly enough, it’s a solid choice.

If you’ve seen a Presidents Race before (I’ve seen plenty, having spent a year living in Bethesda, Maryland, watching Nyjer Morgan whiff fly balls and give up inside-the-park homers), this one plays out like you’d expect … Teddy Roosevelt takes an early lead, but gives in to his hubris and ends up getting checked into the bench by George Washington. Later, he gets revenge with a flying cross-body from the top to take out all three remaining competitors at the finish line.

I have missed you so much, baseball.

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