Let’s All Sue The NFL

The latest fiascoes with Super Bowl XLV have perfectly validated my point that there’s absolutely no redeeming aspect of attending live sporting events any more. Consider the plight of the “Founders,” Dallas Cowboys fans who spent $100k on PSLs for their Cowboys season tickets, with the promise of first crack at Super Bowl tickets.

Some of those fans were in temporary seats under overhangs and couldn’t see the giant video board above the field, “which defendant Jones and the Cowboys routinely claim is one of the most unique and best features of Cowboys Stadium,” the lawsuit said. They could see the field, and extra TVs were installed in those areas.

“You were effectively in a bat cave,” Avenatti said. “You don’t take your 400 best customers and treat them like that.” The lawsuit alleges the Cowboys have offered no compensation to their ticket holders for “their obstructed and illegitimate seats.”

The NFL has said the roughly 400 fans without seats have two options. The first is a ticket to next year’s Super Bowl and a cash payment of $2,400, three times the face value of the ticket. The second is a ticket to any future Super Bowl, along with round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations.


The stories of displaced NFL fans–Super Bowl patrons that had paid money to travel to the game, book accommodations, visit North Texas and watch the game–are coming almost faster than one could keep up with them. One fan has already launched a class-action lawsuit against the NFL and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

“No one told us anything,” she said. “It was in line where you learned from other (fans) about the seats, that the (original tickets) were temporary seating sections and that we were all in the same boat.

“We all talked to each other about how much money they paid for the tickets and what section their tickets were. But there were no representatives from the stadium, from the NFL, nobody was there while we waited in that line explaining anything to us.”

–Pro Football Weekly.

Serious question here: why does a billion-dollar stadium have obstructed view seats? I don’t blame anyone for suing the league, although there’s one pompous writer that does. When’s the last time that jerk took out a second mortgage to make a Super Bowl trip? Exactly.