Let's Meet the Star of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil: 'Face Shoe'

The Ultimate Fighter Brazil’s third season started on Sunday. The main draw, as usual, is the coaches. This time, it’s hated rivals, Wanderlei “The Ax Murderer” Silva and “The American Gangster” Chael P. Sonnen. However, when the roster of fighters was released, one name above all others stood out:

Antonio “Cara de Sapato” Carlos, Jr, a 3-0 heavyweight, with all three wins by first round submission. Why is Carlos Jr exceptional? Because “Cara de Sapato” translates into FACE SHOE which is the most glorious nickname in the entire history of the globe (Even better than last Saturday’s Danny “The Cheesecake Assassin” Mitchell).

Granted, it’s tough to gauge someone’s skill if they’re only fighting whatever’s Portuguese for “can”, but he looks pretty solid. Then again, Face Shoe’s opponents are a combined 1-11 so far, but hopefully Sonnen can use his TUF magic to mold Face Shoe into an unstoppable juggernaut like Kelvin Gastelum.