Let’s Remember That Time Rob Zombie Taught Jamie Foxx How To Skateboard

08.01.13 5 years ago 4 Comments


1998 was a strange time. Titanic was on its way to being the biggest box-office hit of all time. A young Cameron Diaz taught a nation how to laugh by putting a bunch of cum in her hair, and somewhere on television Rob Zombie was teaching Jamie Foxx how to do ollies to help promote the MTV Sports & Music Festival.

One was a musician going solo, prepping the wrestling entrance themes and songs about drag-racing Draculas that would turn him into an international star and let him make horror movies of varying quality for the next decade and a half. The other was a comedian about to star in his first dramatic acting role, a career choice that would eventually lead him to an Academy Award for Best Actor. Between them: a skateboard.

Please enjoy this pivotal moment in 90s pop culture history, made even better by an R Kelly soundtrack. Because of course it had an R Kelly soundtrack.

This is the kind of time-displaced goodness YouTube was made for. Be this again, MTV.

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