Let’s Take A Depressing Tour Of The Abandoned, Rain Soaked Pontiac Silverdome

I’d say that the remnants of the Pontiac Silverdome are the perfect example of the decline we’ve been experiencing in our nation’s backbone for years. Or I would say that if this was a story on Vice. It’s not. Here we deal in blowjob humor and jokes about Detroit.

Instead of all that, I’m going to point out that it’s a shame the building has turned into this. The entire place has been empty since 2012 and there was some serious wind damage recently, so it isn’t a full on horror story. It just feels weird to see such a big structure sitting empty.

The Silverdome has a lot of history attached to it, most notably a world record attendance for Wrestlemania III. I think the Lions almost won here as well, but I doubt anyone can prove that.

It is a weird little tour to see a place that was once packed to the gills turn into an empty shell. It’s got a strange feeling to it all, especially when you’re watching the video. It’s a shame that Hulk Hogan had to do this after he killed Andre The Giant that one time.

The entire place is set to be auctioned off very soon, so who knows what will happen next. Maybe something new will rise or maybe it’ll become a hole in the ground.

(Via DetroitTurbex)