Let’s Take A Long, Thorough Look At Alex Morgan’s Golf Swing

Back in January, Paulina Gretzky ended up on the cover of Golf Digest and prefaced its release by posting an Instagram video of her golf swing. It was impressive, and also featured Paulina Gretzky in yoga pants, so hundreds of thousands of people watched it.

Now looking to top that video in the “Best Workout Pants Golf Swing Video From An Attractive Lady Instagram Video Of 2014” voting is this clip from soccer star and McDonald’s secret society member Alex Morgan. It features a solid golf swing and a little dancing, and you going through Alex Morgan’s Instagram account for the rest of the day.

[protected-iframe id=”a5d37c017cadcae5193fa03969bd0c71-60970621-20122658″ info=”//instagram.com/p/n9ewaMFW87/embed/” width=”612″ height=”710″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]