Let’s Watch A Phillies Groundskeeper Get Caught Under The Tarp

Sometimes you cover the field with a tarp. Sometimes, the tarp covers you.

If you’re like me, your favorite day in kindergarten gym class was PARACHUTE DAY, when the teacher would bring out a giant disengaged parachute or whatever and you’d sit under it and play games. It was the most fun thing ever. A groundskeeper at Citizens Bank Park got to experience Adult Parachute Day during a Phillies rain delay when the crew wheeled out the tarp and covered the diamond and anyone (such as a crouching groundskeeper) who got in its way. Assuming nobody went slip-n-sliding on top of his trapped, crumpled body, this was THE MOST FUN THING AT A BASEBALL GAME EVER.

Here’s video footage of the incident, courtesy of CSN Chicago. Heads up, old-top!

Hey, at least he didn’t get rained on.

[h/t to NBC on Yahoo]