Let's Watch Mila Kunis Shoot A Basketball On An Infinite Loop

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06.20.12 6 Comments

Can I borrow the giant Mila cutout when you're done?

Last week, I briefly discussed how ABC should be giving us more Jimmy Kimmel before NBA Finals games than what we’re currently getting. Basically, I want all Kimmel and none of the so-called experts. Give me 100% humor, charm, and celebrities with 0% bargain bin analysis and fart-sniffing pseudo-insight with Mike Wilbon suddenly pretending like he hasn’t spent the last 5 months crapping all over the Miami Heat.

Kimmel proved that he can give us quality comedy wrapped in an NBA theme when he had Roy Hibbert, Jeremy Lin, and the world’s most adorable $3,000 French bulldog on, but last night the talk show host delivered pure gold.

Supporting their new film Ted, Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis reminded us that they’re very good looking. More specifically, Kunis once again looked very much like a girl that should meet my mother, especially as she adorably shot granny-style 3-pointers.


(Via the incomparable @CJZero)

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