Letterman Lets Landon Off Light

06.30.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Landon Donovan was a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman last night, and if you wanted to hear him talk about anything interesting, you were out of luck. Letterman decided not to address the rumors that Donovan impregnated an English woman. If the rumors are true, I’d be surprised. A soccer player’s penis can’t go very long without faking an injury.

The 28-year old Donovan, who is separated from but still married to actress Bianca Kajlich, star of the CBS sitcom “Rules of Engagement,” in response to a question by Sports Illustrated on Sunday did not deny the possibility of having fathered the child and promised to support the child if he proves to be the father.

Usually appearances by star athletes following major events are soft interviews, but Letterman had an opportunity to make some national news on Tuesday night by at least asking Donovan about the situation. –The Wrap

Letterman did have the chutzpah to ask Donovan’s opinion on the World Cup referees. Dave felt as if the officials were biased against the Americans, which I don’t feel is true. They suck equally for everyone.

Letterman brought up a perceived bias against Team USA, saying “The judges, FIFA and the soccer authorities didn’t want America to do very well. Am I right about that or wrong about that? I guess you can’t answer, can you?”

Donovan laughed, giving a “no comment.”

“I don’t think there is, but like I said earlier, it’s a tough job to be a ref and you can’t always blame them.”

“But they’re crooked aren’t they?” Letterman insisted, making Donovan laugh.

“You’re bent on this, huh? I don’t think so, but you can say what you want,” Donovan said, “I’ll get fined for it, so.” –ChicagoNow

So? So what? It’s not like you couldn’t pay the fine, Landon. The refs were are atrocious and should be held accountable. Americans don’t need another politician, they need a man of the people. You had the perfect opportunity to call the refs out, and at the same time give credit to your teammates. The Americans did get screwed, and two more goals should have been on the board, but they put it behind them, battled through the adversity, and still managed to win the group. The English had a goal disallowed, decided to mope about it, and as a result got clobbered by the Germans.

On a lighter note, Landon and Dave kicked around some soccer balls on the street outside the studio. Watch, as Landon leaves the crowd in an awed silence with his skill.

Did I say “awed silence?” I meant “awkward silence.”

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