The Steelers And Bengals Are Twitter Fighting Because Of The Le’Veon Bell Injury

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11.04.15 10 Comments

On Sunday, Le’Veon Bell suffered an ugly looking injury, one you’ve probably seen a number of times already. A brief summary for those who don’t want to watch the gruesome thing unfold: Bell was carrying the ball near the sideline and Vontaze Burfict of the Bengals came flying in to take him down from the side (and behind). Sure, you could probably argue that it was a reckless play, but then again, it’s tackle football and if you aren’t reckless, you aren’t trying (or something like that).

Anyway the injury led to a war of words between Burfict and and the Steelers’ Vince Williams, who somehow believes the tackle had malicious intent. Which, okay I guess? On Monday, Williams sent out this tweet (since deleted), presumably directed at the Bengals LB.

vince williams tweet


Rough translation: He mad.

To which Burfict responded:

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