Le’Veon Bell Dropped An Incredible Skip Bayless Diss Track Called ‘Shrimp Bayless’

Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell also dabbles in the rap game under the name “Juice,” and on Monday, he released his latest track, aimed at Fox Sports personality Skip Bayless.

The track, titled “Shrimp Bayless,” uses clips of Bayless talking about how he doesn’t think Bell is one of the league’s best backs on his show “Undisputed,” and then Bell drops bars on the talking head.

“Shrimp Bayless, I been hearing you lately. You love Jerry way too much you actin like y’all related. I got the Hall of Fame waiting, I’m the best and you hate it. I don’t know why you hate it. I don’t know why you hate me. Probably cause my name is mentioned close with some of the greatest. And then they talk about patience, you close to testing my patience. You say whatever for ratings.”

Compared to some of the rap songs you hear from athletes, this is pretty good stuff from Bell, and everyone loves a good roast of Skip Bayless. He even drops some references to Deflategate and when Richard Sherman roasted Bayless back on “First Take.”

“If you keep talking all that nonsense I might call Richard Sherm.”

“Deflate ya just like I’m Brady.”

My favorite part of the entire thing is the feature image for the track, which is just Bell on a couch looking at a TV screen with Skip’s face on it with “Shrimp Bayless” over the image.