This LFL Coach Gave Us The Most Unexpected, Foul-Mouthed Tirade Of The Year

06.28.16 3 years ago

One of the reasons the Lingerie Football League rebranded itself to the Legends Football League a few years back was because they wanted to transition away from objectifying their players and establish themselves as a league full of legitimate athletes and fierce competition.

New England Liberty coach Don Williams is certainly doing all he can to instill that fierceness in his players.

During a game against the Chicago Bliss over the weekend, Williams provided us with probably the most unexpected profanity-laced tirade of the year so far when he shredded one of his own players as she headed back to the sideline. Williams apparently wasn’t pleased with the response from Rachel Murphy after she was targeted by a Chicago player.

He let his feelings be known quite clearly.

“You mean to tell me you gonna let that motherf–er mush you down like that and you ain’t breaking that b—‘s face right now? You mean to tell me you gonna allow that motherf–er to do what she done and you didn’t come out here and try to break her f–ing neck? Even if you can’t find her, find her teammate and break her f–ing neck for what the f–k she done to you down there. You mean to tell me you ain’t got that kind of evil streak in you? I would literally hike the ball and punch that b— in the god damn face. Are you crazy? Don’t ever let anybody do you like that.”

That man certainly does not mess around. Unfortunately, his motivational tactics — however bold they may be — may not actually be super effective. The Liberty lost by a final score of 70-7.

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