08.06.09 9 years ago

Bob Hewko has been around the block: the former Florida Gator played in two games with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1983. He served as GM for the Tampa Bay Storm in the old Arena Football League [single tear], and he’s done some work after football in Vegas. So he seems like a natural fit to coach the Miami Caliente of the Lingerie Football League. The Miami franchise is led by Reese Zoppelt, who apparently works in a Coyote Ugly spinoff bar of some kind. And apparently hates pants, which is probably an LFL prerequisite, anyway. Here’s video of the Caliente tryout and some shots of Reese. As for the other talent on the fiend, Hewko says his quarterback can throw it 55 yards, which is about 30 yards farther than Chad Pennington. You go, girl! via.

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