The LFL Wants To Be Taken Seriously. Here’s One Of Its Teams Pantomiming Taking A Dump.

Pro Wrestling Editor
09.06.13 4 Comments

LFL poop pantomime

The Lingerie Football League — or LFL, for serious sports-in-underpants enthusiasts — is the gift that keeps on giving.

Whether they’re starting up a youth league to encourage little girls to play sports with panties jammed up their asses, giving out creepy “tackle your favorite woman” prizes or simply beating the shit out of each other, you can count on the LFL to take off its clothes and be a classy alternative to the NFL.

Their latest (and possibly classiest) move is a team-wide touchdown celebration, wherein a Chicago Bliss poses as a toilet and allows another player to take a dump in her while everyone else on the team poses nearby and points. Ass-wiping is involved. I couldn’t make this up if you gave me a year and A Clockwork Orange’d me with footage of women being assholes.

How do you top this? Do I even want to know?

[h/t to Next Impluse]

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