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Burton’s new “Love” series of snowboards — a collaboration with Playboy that features pin-ups from the 1970s on the boards — has liberals, feminists, Girl Scouts, and assorted Vermont douchebags all pissed off.

[T]he company has found itself at the center of a growing controversy in the liberal state, with residents, students, and politicians debating free speech and sexism on the ski slopes. The Burlington City Council discussed asking Burton to withdraw the boards, and the Girl Scout Council of Vermont is considering taking concerns to lawmakers next month.

Oh no, they’ve mobilized the Girl Scouts!!! In all seriousness, if I stretch to the very limits of my sympathy, I can kind of see how parents might not want their young children exposed to the images on the boards.  But then I read this:

“When you really think about it, it’s a young man standing on top of a naked woman’s body,” said [Nicole] Zarrillo, 38, an office manager for a nonprofit based in Burlington, also home to Burton’s headquarters. “I probably could have gotten past it, because I try to have an open mind, but seeing it like that, it’s offensive.”

“Well, I tried to accept something I didn’t like, but then my oversensitive inner bitch came out.  Turns out that everything I see is a metaphor for man’s oppression of women.  HEY!  I saw the way you looked at me, buster!  Don’t even THINK about telling me I look nice today!”

[Don Chavez]

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