11.20.08 10 years ago 13 Comments

Oh.  Hello.  I’m sorry, were you not expecting to see Joe Namath in a towel with Farrah Fawcett today?  What about Sylvester Stallone punching Muhammad Ali at Planet Hollywood? What about heavyweight champion Lenox Lewis with alcoholic-era Kerry Collins with porn star Heather Hunter with a Baldwin brother in a ‘do rag?  Did I just blow your mind?

Yesterday, Life Magazine made life awesome for the Internet-having public by opening up its photo archives on Google.  Ball Don’t Lie already scored Billy Baldwin with the Knicks City Dancers, and in fact a mere search of “Baldwin” opens up a trove of gold.  You should also see what Big League Stew turned up on Joe DiMaggio.

Below are some of my favorites.  Andre Agassi with hair.  College-age Wilt Chamberlain with white girls at Kansas.  Agassi with Joe Montana and Wayne Gretzky at an event for the All Star Cafe.  Jesus, do you remember the All Star Cafe?  What a tremendous failure.  I love it.

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