A Terrifying Lightning Strike Injured Spectators At The Tour Championship In Atlanta


There’s no sport more dependent on weather than golf, and some bad weather led to a scary moment at the Tour Championship in Atlanta on Saturday. Lightning ended the third round of the Tour Championship early, with play scheduled to pick back up on Sunday.

But the much scarier news is that suspension was not for precautionary reasons: lightning actually injured those on the course and sent a number of spectators to the hospital. Local meteorologists saw the storm coming and warned it could lead to some scary weather.

And NBC cameras actually caught the strike, which hit a pine tree on the course right by a group of spectators. The noise of the thunder here is loud and scary, but the strike itself is what’s dangerous here.

The slow motion of this is pretty scary.

Multiple strikes were shown on camera, but the strike that hit near the pine tree in the middle of the picture appears to be the strike that injured spectators.

The frozen image of the tree basically catching fire is even worse.

According to reports, the lightning strike injured spectators, who were then sent to the hospital.

Scary images of spectators on stretchers where spread on social media, though early word is that the injuries were not life-threatening. The broadcast of the event addressed the strike and wished the victims well.

We’ll keep you updated if there’s any word on those injured, but hopefully it’s just a terrifying image and not a tragic incident on the course.