10.08.08 10 years ago 13 Comments

Penn State University has introduced trading cards that celebrate not their student-athletes or sports heroes, but members of the faculty.

The 10-card set showcases top faculty members. Glaciologist Richard Alley is a featured academic star, as is entomologist [insect scientist] James Tumlinson.

Aw man!  Not another Tumlinson!  I’ve already got three of this scrub!  Now the Alley rookie card, that’s a good find.  You just never know which of the young profs will flame out, and which ones will get tenure.

“We have many great faculty, and they are surely worthy of the accolades our society often lavishes on athletes, coaches, and celebrities in the entertainment world,” school president Graham Spanier wrote.

Counterpoint: No.  No, they are not.

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