Would You Like To See The Grossest Hockey Player Selfie Ever Taken?

The Grand Rapids Griffins pulled off an impressive 6-1 victory over the Iowa Wild in some hot AHL action last night at the Van Andel Arena, and what’s most impressive is that they did it without their second-leading scorer, Mitch Callahan, brother of Tommy and son of Tom. Sent down by the Detroit Red Wings almost two weeks ago, Callahan suffered a pretty gnarly injury in the first period of last night’s game, as he took teammate Ryan Sproul’s slapshot to the mouth. Let this be a lesson, kids – if you’re going to be in front of the net, keep your head on a swivel.

Obviously, this was a pretty messy situation to look at, and some of the players couldn’t even stomach the sight.

Callahan, who already was missing his two front teeth, was struck in front of the net on a shot by defenseman Ryan Sproul. As he went down, Cory Emmerton scored but play had been stopped. He laid on the ice about 15 seconds before taken off with a towel covering his bloody mouth.

It appeared about four teeth were collected off the ice. After he posted the photo, he was taken to the hospital, Griffins team officials said.

“I saw him come back (and then) I saw his teeth come back with him,” said right winger Trevor Parkes. “Couple of us had some shaky stomachs after that.” (Via Michigan Live)

Naturally, Callahan did what any tough guy would do, and he Tweeted a photo of his disgusting injury just 15 minutes after it happened. While his coach wasn’t pleased about that at all, it certainly earned him a lot of street cred on the web.

Now, just to warn you about how gross and icky this picture is, I’m going to give you Callahan’s Red Wings headshot first, as a before picture.

And now, right in time for your mid-morning snack of cold pizza…

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