Lil' Wayne Dissed By The Game

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.01.12 22 Comments

The controversy: rapper/actor-producer/avant-garde comedian (?) Lil’ Wayne was denied access to Thursday’s Game 3 between the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs. Like anybody with a bone to pick and a night in Oklahoma City with nothing better to do, Weezy took to Twitter to voice his displeasure and derisively S his H for seven million people.

How could this happen? Wayne’s followers have their theories:

I was with the boots lady at first, but it turns out the answer is even more obvious: he didn’t have a ticket. From the Associated Press:

“Thunder spokesman Dan Mahoney says Lil Wayne’s representatives did contact the team requesting tickets but insisted that he sit on the front row, and none of those seats was available. Oklahoma City sold out every home game during the regular season and playoffs this season. Mahoney says: ‘We’d love to have him at a game, but like anyone else, he needs a ticket.'”

I think they should’ve accommodated him. If he wants to get in so badly and see Kobe Bryant play (and I fully believe Wayne thinks Kobe plays for whatever team is currently winning), let him sit in somebody’s lap in the front row and peacefully listen to whatever god-awful Birdman track he’s got pumping through his diamond headphones while the game goes down. Better yet, let him sit criss-cross applesauce in the middle of the court and clap his hands while basketball players run by.

This is more or less another “Puffy Daddy’s son gets a $50,000 a year scholarship to UCLA” situation. If you have a ton of money (and we know you do), pay for your son’s college. Buy a ticket to the basketball game before you show up at the front gate at the last minute demanding to sit in the front row. Use your money for something better than video props and projectiles to hurl at strippers.

And don’t pretend like you’re rooting for the Spurs now. Nobody’s rooting for the Spurs.

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