Lil Wayne's Headphones Cost $1,000,000

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02.28.12 4 Comments

Apparently at some point, someone thought it was a good idea to take a million dollars worth of Graff diamonds and slap them on a set of Beats by Dre headphones. But it was for a worthy cause, you see, as the two guys from the horrendous gimmick party rock outfit LMFAO needed something to snazz up their douche academy uniforms costumes for the Super Bowl halftime performance. That’s right, they needed to wear $1 million headphones while performing basic dance moves and lip-syncing with a 53-year old woman.

But apparently they were the test market and the idea proved genius, because rapper Lil Wayne got himself a pair of the diamond-encrusted Beats by Dre headphones and wore them to the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday night. I don’t blame him, because I wouldn’t want to hear Chris Brown and Pitbull perform either.

So why put $1 million worth of diamonds on a pair of headphones? There’s a pretty simple solution.

Or not. I would have just gone with a black screen and 45 seconds of a child crying, followed by the simple message: “Because Lil Wayne needed something to wear to a NBA game, that’s why.” Cut to:


(Image via Reuters.)

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