The Limbo Queen Somehow Limboed Under An SUV While Holding Trays Of Water

Limboing is usually something that is done at children’s birthday parties as a way to laugh at dads for not going to the gym enough. At the very least, you usually don’t think of limboing as something that is done just for kicks, even though there are plenty of things in real life to limbo under.

For instance, unless you do something to lower them, there is space between the lowest point on a car and the ground. The issue, obviously, is that most people do not possess the superhuman flexibility to contort their body in a such a way that they can go from one side of a car to another.

Meet Shemika Charles, someone who is capable of doing just that. According to her bio, Charles is the “undisputed Queen of Limbo” and a two-time Guinness World Record holder – she set records for the lowest limbo dancer in the world in 2010 and the farthest distance to limbo under 12 inches in 2016.

She is absurd, and as we learned in this video, she can limbo underneath a dang car. Not only that, but Charles can do it while holding two trays of drinks.

Charles got super low and started to maneuver her way forward by flicking her ankles like they were tiny propellers. For most people, you use your feet like this when you’re tapping your toes to a catchy song. For Charles, it’s a thing you do when you want to limbo under a car.

This is completely ridiculous. Not only did she get low enough to do this without hurting her thighs/knees/ankles/anything, but she managed to make it look simple while holding two trays of drinks. Please do not attempt this, because we’ll will feel bad if (or, rather, when) you try to bend your lower body this way and get hurt.