Lindsey Vonn May Massage J.J. Watt ‘In The Groin Area’ According To Her ESPYs Red Carpet Chat

Red carpet interviews never go well, do they? They are either dull and banal or a wonderful disaster. Sure, we at home may get a laugh or two, but not in the way that the interviewers wanted. The ESPYs are a particular goldmine for such interviews, given how rarely ESPN has red carpet events, and how rarely athletes are interviewed in such environments. Something weird was bound to go down on Wednesday night, and Lindsey Vonn stepped in to deliver for us.

Vonn, the immensely talented skier, was interviewed alongside the unstoppable beast that is J.J. Watt for whatever reason. Perhaps there was some reason these two were together, but regardless, Vonn seems very happy about it. Let us not mince words: Vonn looks like she has the hots for J.J. Watt.

Vonn, in a super chill but mildly uncomfortable style, gets very hands-y with Watt and his muscles, and then, to make sure there was nobody left who didn’t realize where things stood, she interjected to express her desire to massage Watt “in the groin area.”

ESPN’s Hannah Storm, who was conducting the interview, tried to move on as quickly as possible, but the damage, so to speak, had been done. For their part, Vonn and Watt seem amused by the whole situation. Were Vonn to go in this hard on Watt in a different setting, nobody would bat an eyelash. It’s the fact that it happened during a red carpet interview that makes it so notable, slightly awkward, and completely awesome.

(Via Bro Bible)