Lindsey Vonn Rapping On Stage With Vanilla Ice Will Give You ’90s Flashbacks

Under Armour hosted a festival to celebrate its 20th anniversary on Wednesday, but all you really need to know is that Lindsey Vonn did a rendition of “Ice Ice Baby” with Vanilla Ice. Okay, so maybe “rendition” is a strong word. Ice is doing his thing, rapping and whatnot, while Vonn is sort of there providing the occasional background vocals. Of course, this is only a clip of the song and we’d pay top dollar* to see the whole thing. Athletes and celebrities doing karaoke is always fun.

(*We wouldn’t really, but we would like to see it.)

As it turns out, though, Vonn wasn’t the only person Vanilla Ice was schmoozing with at the Under Armour festival. Tom Brady and Jordan Spieth were among those to take photos with Ice.

Now all of this has us wondering: Where were Brady and Spieth during this concert? Why wasn’t there an entire posse of athletes helping Vanilla Ice rap his most famous song? A huge missed chance by Under Armour if we’re being honest. SMH. SMH.

(Via Sporting News)