Lingerie Football Comes To Blows

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10.26.11 6 Comments

That doesn’t sound right.

During last week’s underwear confrontation between the Tampa Bay Breeze and the Cleveland Crush, Tampa Bay’s Julie Rolfe and got into a fight with Cleveland’s Tamar Fennell. I don’t follow the league closely and only infrequently update my LFL fantasy team (“Women Aren’t People”, Yahoo! champs two years running) but it played out a lot closer to a hockey fight than the goofy hair-pulling, pillow-fighting tiff suggested by the “Kicking And Scratching” part of the video title. Not sure why a league built on sensationalism would think a fistfight needed the “naughty” element, but whatever, I’m not the troglodyte-browed creep in charge.

Also funny is the announcers, who play the “penalize them and let them keep playing” card without ever coming out and saying how badly they’ll miss staring at those particular lady-asses.

Between the clandestine e-mails of intent and plans for a youth-oriented lingerie farm system, I’m started to get worried about where this is all going. When you started I thought you were going to be like the Bud Bowl. Now you’re like the strip club downtown where I feel like everybody’s getting abused.

Can’t someone of relative import step in and spraypaint “that’s enough, Lingerie Football League” on the wall?

[h/t Guyism]

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