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Being a Seattle sports fan is just one of the many things that makes my life a miserable series of heartbreaking disappointments, but the addition of the Mist to the fledgling Lingerie Football League is a rare bright spot.  The Seattle P-I has a gallery of the girls’ preparation for a photo shoot, and here are some of the captions to the photos:

Jenna Bloczynski puts her lace choker on before the Mist photo shoot. These chokers are part of the team’s uniform.

Mist recruit Natalya Snetkova rubs cooking oil on fellow teammate Chelsie Jorgenson for the team’s photoshoot.

Teammates Chelsie Jorgenson and Jenna Bloczynski rub their oiled bodies together.

Man, I wish more sports stories included the words “lace choker” and “cooking oil” and “oiled bodies.” It really subdues my desire to drink myself into oblivion.  Until the Seahawks lose next week.

(thanks to Robert)

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