Nothing Sells The Lingerie Football League All-Star Game Like Womb Punching

The Lingerie Football League is famous for a lot of things — youth camps, coach fights, contests where the grand prize is attacking your favorite woman — but is perhaps best known for its UNDERWEAR FIGHTS Y’ALL, which happen organically and are not staged at all.

The latest underwear fight (in the form of an LFL All-Star Game teaser, which is hilarious) features Tessa Barrara of the Los Angeles Temptation delivering a late hit on Kyle DeHaven of the Baltimore Charm and getting punched in the stomach. What follows is an Old Man in A Christmas Story-style profane tirade that begs the question — What does it mean when one woman calls another a “f**king pussy”?

Welcome to football! The NSFW video is after the jump.

YouTuber Berniewrestle has more:

Glad that this is being showed uncensored, because once you censor the cussing, the wardrobe malfunctions etc…it lower the uniqueness of the product.

The LFL All-Star Game is being streamed on the LFL’s Facebook page for free this Saturday, which should be fun to watch, assuming you’ve already done and seen literally everything else on Earth.

[h/t Sportress Of Blogitude]