A Horrible Fan Drilled Neymar And Messi With A Water Bottle After Barcelona Scored

Remember during the American League Wild Card Game when a Toronto Blue Jays fan threw a can of beer at Orioles outfielder Hyun Soo Kim? And remember how the can didn’t hit Kim, but everyone was worried, because a container getting thrown at an athlete’s head is kind of scary?

We saw something like that happen on Saturday afternoon in Spain. Barcelona took on Valencia in a La Liga match. It was a back-and-forth affair – Barcelona took an early lead, Valencia scored twice in front of their home supporters, Barcelona tied it up shortly after, and in stoppage time, Lionel Messi buried home a penalty to give the Blaugrana a 3-2 win.

The second half originally had two minutes of stoppage time, but Messi’s penalty came in the 94th minute, so some of the hometown fans were upset. One person was especially angry, so they did what anyone would do: they hurled a bottle of water at Barcelona’s players while they were celebrating. The bottle hit Neymar in the face and ricocheted to hit Messi in the top of the head. It also looks like the bottle got a piece of Luis Suarez. Neymar got the worst of it, though, as he ended up laying on the ground because getting hit with a projectile kinda hurts.

Barcelona’s players and manager, Luis Enrique, were furious. This is really dangerous, and while some of the players may have oversold how brutal this was, it’s still something that should never happen.

(Via BroBible)