This Cameraman Took A 58-Yard Field Goal To The Crotch And Didn’t Flinch

09.10.17 2 years ago

The first full Sunday of the 2017 NFL season didn’t get off to the most exciting start. The most exciting play of the first half of the early slate of games was a blocked punt by the Steelers that led to their first touchdown of the day against the Browns in a very Browns-y moment, but that wasn’t the only wild moment on special teams.

In the Lions-Cardinals game there was a wide array of special teams play, from the very bad (the Lions punter dropping a snap in his end zone then trying to run for a first down only to get destroyed) to the very good (a Matt Prater 58-yard field goal at the end of the half). That second special teams play from Prater also revealed the world’s toughest and most dedicated football cameraman.

Being a cameraman in football is inherently a dangerous job if you’re one of those on the sidelines. Very large, very fast men are prone to running or getting pushed in your direction and sometimes you get trucked. However, in this case, our hero found himself in a precarious position with a football flying towards his crotch and a choice: hold the shot and do your job or save yourself from pain.

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