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Everyone on the planet knows that Matt Millen is absolutely horrible at his job, but Lions owner William Clay Ford still won’t fire him, even with an NFL-worst 31-84 record since Millen was hired in 2001.  Now, with Detroit falling to 0-3, Ford’s son Bill — the Lions’ vice chairman — is speaking out.

“I think the fans deserve better and if it were in my authority, which it’s not, I’d make some significant changes,” Ford said Monday.

Asked by a reporter if he believed Millen should leave the team, Ford said, “Yes, I do.”

This isn’t some talking head at ESPN saying Millen sucks.  It’s the team’s vice chairman.  It’s like if Dick Cheney spoke out against the president’s choice for Secretary of Defense, or if my mom asked my dad why he was teaching me to throw, because I was “gonna grow up to be a pussy anyway.”

…I’ll have you know that last example was strictly hypothetical.  Ignore the quotes.

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