Here’s How You Get Former Porn Star Lisa Ann To Attend A Baseball Game With You

Random tweeting. That’s how ball-hawking king Zack Hample landed a baseball date with former adult-film star Lisa Ann. He explains to The Hall of Very Good that he just started talking with the former starlet on Twitter and that things grew from there:

“She randomly tweeted at me many months ago and told me that she LOVES my book…that it has made her obsessed with baseball and that it changed her life…We struck up a correspondence, and after all this time, it has progressed to the point that we’re going to a game together.”

The pair showed up to a New York Mets-Toronto Blue Jays game expecting to snag some baseballs and take in a game. However, Mother Nature didn’t want to play along and made things difficult. According to Hample, the baseball teams didn’t make matters any better.

“The day got off to a rough start because there wasn’t batting practice,” the lifelong New Yorker said. “And to make matters worse, none of the players on either team even came out to play catch until close to game time, so there were NO opportunities to snag baseballs. I had really been looking forward to giving Lisa a glimpse of my ball-hawking world.”

In the end, Hample still got to do what most men would die for, and that’s hang out with Lisa Ann. And he did end up snagging a baseball to keep his 20-year-old streak of 1,096 games with at least one ball alive.


(Via Hall of Very Good)